About Us

Africa lacks a connected financial infrastructure, posing a significant hurdle for Africans and the African Diaspora to bank, transfer funds, and make payments in a safe, efficient, and cost-effective manner.

AFi is a connected financial platform for the 1+ billion Africans and African Diaspora. Users can create AFi prepaid debit cards on their mobile devices and load their AFi cards with funds from bank accounts or mobile money accounts. The AFi cards can be used locally and internationally to send and receive funds via card-to-card transfer in real time, and pay merchants and service providers with an in-built payments system.

The creator of AFi, Evita Grant, is a Ghanaian native and an alumna of MIT and Harvard University, who envisions AFi to become a global financial networking system for all, regardless of income status.


Who can sign up?

The AFi platform will be launched in Ghana in 2018. Anyone in Ghana can sign up and create an account. As the AFi platform expands to more countries, anyone in a country of operations can sign up and create an account.

How do I create my AFi Card?

You download the AFi app from the App Store or Google Play. Follow the simple instructions on the screen to create a virtual AFi Card.

How do I load and unload my AFi Card with funds?

You can link your AFi card to an existing bank account, an existing mobile money account, or both. You can transfer funds between your AFi card and your linked bank or mobile money account.

Does my AFi Card ever expire?

The AFi card does not expire. The Visa or Mastercard number associated with your AFi card, however, can expire.

How does the card-to-card transfer work?

All the AFi cards are networked. A user can send and receive funds by searching for other AFi users or an AFi card associated with a user.

Are there any fees?

Yes, there is an affordable fee schedule, allowing users to pick a plan that works best for them.

How secure is the AFi platform?

The AFi platform is safe and secure, in compliance with existing financial security standards.